Friday, November 26, 2010

Season 2010

Fall is finally here, Velocross 2010 was last weekend, Thanksgiving was yesterday, and BMX racing was done Halloween weekend...that means that unfortunately the season has some to an end. A special thank you to everyone that has made the Northeast Velodrome and Cycling Park's 2010 season a great one. Please keep checking in for updates throughout the Winter as we start planning for the 2011 season that will have even more in store for riders. Til then, thank you, be well, and stay tuned.

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Amsterdam 6 Day: Kacey Manderfield -- Nights Four, Five & Six

Night four of the 2010 Amsterdam Six Day, saw the start of the UIV U23 “mini six” which is in fact only three days long. The first Six Day of the winter season is always dangerous as riders nerves run high while they “break the ice” of the Six Day Season. And with this comes the mistakes and the crashes.

No fewer than three separate crashes took place in the first race of the U23 riders. Two riders breaking collarbones and three others leaving the track with serious wood burn. The young inexperienced South African team did well however, in their first European Event, staying out of trouble and staying upright.

In the women’s event, Kacey Manderfield dropped further back to 9th place overall. Manderfield and fellow American Mandy Marquardt (lying 14th overall), are struggling to race against the aggressive European riders. Both are products of the defensive style of racing, seen in most female American track racing. Now in the depth of offensive racing, the riders are struggling to hold their position and put themselves in contention to score points. They will need to adopt a more proactive approach if they want to survive in the European peleton.

In the Sprint tournament, the Americans didn’t fair as well as last night, but Gideon Massie still managed 2nd in the Match Sprints, and Dean Tracy 2nd in the Keirin.

The German pairing of Roger Kluge and Robert Bartko move back into first position in the Six Day, fighting hard against Franco “Marvelous” Marvulli and Dutch National Champion, Nici Terpstra.

***Nights Five & Six:
Amsterdam Six Day – Nights 5 and 6

The last two nights have not done too much in terms of changing the standing in the overall classification. Dutch rider Vera Koedooder is still dominating the fields with wins in both events on Friday Night (Night 5). Irish rider Jennifer O’Rielly, was the only international rider to challenge the Dutch superstar, with a close 2nd place in the points race.

Saturday evenings final night of racing was very fast, as none of the riders felt like they had anything to loose. Koedooder was out of reach with regards to loosing the Six, and could afford to throw caution to the wind with fierce attacks almost from the get go. The remaining riders would do all they could to hang on and hope that the race fragmented enough as to shuffle the over-all standings for the general classification. If Koedooder wasn’t on the front, anyone and everyone else was.

For the Northeast Velodrome rider Kacey Manderfield, the weekend finished in disappointment as she slipped further down the GC to 11th overall, only 1 point behind Samatha Van Steenis and a top 10 placing. The crash on the very first night had a major impact on Manderfield who was clearly not her confident self as the week progressed.

“Kacey is a good rider who doesn’t usually get intimidated by close quarter riding,” said her coach Kurt Begemann. “But anyone who falls down from the top of a 52 degree banked track at 25 mph is going to be shaken for a few days. It’s a pity it went that way, but that’s racing”, said Begemann.

For the Northeast Velodrome and Cycling Park, they can say that they had a rider represented in a European Pro Six Day Event. Not too many Velodromes in the US can say they are sponsoring homegrown talent and helping them get over-seas experience. Hopefully this is a first step in fostering more riders into the European Six Day Scene.

For the American Sprinters, they capped the week off well, with Gideon Massie finishing 2nd overall in the Sprinters Cup. Dean Tracy took home 4th, and Andy Lakatosh finished 6th overall in his first European Six Day. Tracy and Massie will be invited back to Holland in January 2011, to compete at the Rotteram Six Day.

Overall Standings:
Overall Standings: Zesdaagse van Amsterdam.

P Professional Teams (MEN) RND PT
1 Kluge/Bartko (DUI) 0 285
2 Stam/Van Bon 0 247
3 Marvulli/Terpstra (ZWI/NED) 0 236
4 Stroetinga/Lampater (NED/GER) 1 213
5 Ligthart/Mouris 1 162
6 Havik/Schep 4 172
7 Mertens/De Ketele (BEL) 6 108
8 J.Pronk/M.Pronk 12 71
9 Van der Zwet/Stöpler 13 103
10 R.Kreder/M.Kreder 14 65
11 Kneisky/Marguet (FRA/ZWI) 24 87
12 Hester/Traksel 24 58
13 Veldt/Jonkman 30 87
14 Vermeulen/Pieters 35 76

P Pro Sprinters PT
1 Teun Mulder 21
2 Giddeon Massie (V.S) 30
3 Yondi Schmidt 44
4 Dean Tracy (V.S) 55
5 Hugo Haak 57
6 Andy Lakatosch (V.S) 64
7 Matthijs Buchli 65

P Women PT
1 Vera Koedooder 180
2 Roxanne Knetemann 88
3 Kelly Markus 68
4 Jennifer O'Reilly (IER) 44
5 Nina Kessler 35
6 Ilona Meijering 31
7 Birgitta Roos 28
8 Lotte van Hoek 17
9 Silvie Haakman 15
10 Samantha van Steenis 13
11 Kacey Manderfield (V.S) 12
12 Nathaly van Wesdonk 7
13 Joan Boskamp 2
14 Ymke Stegink 0
15 Mandy Marquardt (V.S) 0

Amsterdam 6 Day: Kacey Manderfield -- Night Three

The third night of racing has so far, been the most exciting night, of the 2010 Amsterdam Six Day.

In the Sprint Tournament, Andy Lakatosh came through for the U.S. with a win against World Champion Tuen Mulder. Lakatoshs’ win comes as the second victory for a U.S. rider behind Gideon Massie's win in the Keirin from night two.

Dutch rider Hugo Haak made a tremendous save when his tubular tire burst shortly after the finish line in the sprint semi final. Haak had to control the bike as the back wheel went side ways and he began fish tailing down the 45 degree banking at 40 miles per hour. Pim Ligthart also had a flat tire in the last derny race of the night and narrowly avoided being hit by two “motors” as he snaked his way down the banking and onto the apron.

In the women’s event, Northeast Velodrome rider Kacey Manderfield placed well in the Points race with a 6th place out of the 14 riders, but failed to place high enough in the Scratch or Elimination to score any more points on the night. This dropped her back to 8th over-all on general classification with Vera Koedooder still leading.

The Dutch pairing of Pim Ligthart and Jens Mouris (4th in the Vuelta Prologue) are leading the men’s tournament after 3 nights down and three remaining.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Amsterdam 6 Day: Kacey Manderfield -- Night Two

The second night of the 2010 Amsterdam Six Day is over, and there has been a few small shuffles on the leader board. Dutch rider Vera Koedooder is still in the lead, with fellow countrywomen Roxane Knetemann and Kelly Markus in 2nd and 3rd. The Irish rider Jennifer O’reilly drops to 4th.

There were no crashes tonight at all, and the UIV U23 men, and the women spaced themselves further apart after last night's mêlée. This made for difficult racing, as it is always difficult to come from behind on the small European Tracks. Both American riders Mandy Marquardt and Kacey Manderfiled were caught behind in the points race on almost every sprint and finished out of the points.

Manderfield had a better race in the 2nd event of the night when she finished 6th on the 25 lap Points race. This moved her up one spot to 7th overall at the end of the evening. The Elimination race (Miss & Out) was quick from the gun with both Americans being eliminated first and second, but luckily had no impact on the overall classification.

“With three laps to go before the race began, the girls were already close to race speed,” said Manderfield's coach Kurt Begemann. “If you don’t start a Miss & Out near the front, you will be eliminated in the first few riders. It’s always fast in the beginning of the race. It’s the way the peleton gets rid of the non-contenders. Kacey will need to refocus on starting near the front, if she wants to finish near the front," said Begemann.

Amsterdam 6 Day: Kacey Manderfield -- Night One

The first night of racing at the 2010 Amsterdam Six Day started with a bang. Literally, as after the first sprint, and on the 14th lap of 50, three riders collided and two went down. One of them being Kacey Manderfield.

Manderfield was doing well, having scored points in the very first sprint of the 50 lap points race with a third place on lap 10. As a change in pace occurred, there was a re-shuffle and riders swung high, without “head-checking,” wheels touched and riders fell.

Missing the next two sprints, as she dusted herself off and straightened her bars, Manderfield immediately got back in and contested the final two sprints finishing 3rd and 4th respectively. The second race of the night, the 20 lap Scratch race saw Kacey attack with 8 to go. The others were fairly quick to respond and with 3 to go she was brought into the fold and finished back of the pack as the riders swarmed her for the finish.

The final race of the women’s Six was the Elimination (Miss & Out) where Manderfiled rode from the back and managed to finish 6th. Battered and bruised, Manderfield returned to the locker room in less than stellar mood. “It’s frustrating to start the Six this way, with a crash on the first night. I’m feeling O.K., but just frustrated that it started this way,” said Kacey.

At the end of the first night Manderfiled lies in 8th place overall with Dutch rider Vera Koedooder leading the event. Racing resumes Tuesday evening at 6 p.m.

Monday, October 18, 2010

Cycle Loft Pro Kacey Manderfield Races in Europe

U.S. pro track rider Kacey Manderfield has been contracted to represent The Northeast Velodrome and Cycling Park in this weeks Six Days of Amsterdam.

Manderfield left last week for a two-week trip to Europe, which will include races in Milan, Italy, and Amsterdam, Holland. Manderfield a pro on the Cycle Loft UCI Track Team, finished 4th on Friday night’s “Red Hook – Milan” criterium.

Manderfield who won the original “Red Hook Criterium” in New York, two years ago, was invited to the first “Red Hook – Milan” on Friday night. Both “Red Hook” crits are downtown style crits raced on pure track bikes with no brakes.

Tonight begins the start of the winter Six Day Track Season, with the Six Days of Amsterdam running from the 18th to the 23rd October. Northeast Velodrome Director and Manderfield's personal manager and coach, Kurt Begemann, will join her today for what hopes to be a good week of racing.

As is the case with all Pro Six Day contracts, Manderfield will enter the Six as an independent contractor and will race for an assigned sponsor for the Six Days. “We knew she was going to get a ride in Amsterdam after her 6th place in Rotterdam, last winter,” said Begemann. “We also had the opportunity through a private investor to purchase a team for the Six Day. It made sense to ask the promoters to put our rider into the team, rather than have Kacey racing for a Dutch Sponsor and having a European rider racing for The Northeast Velo.” Said Begemann.

Northeast Velodrome patrons John Laupheimer, Greg Pellegrino and Bill Beyer will join Begemann in attending the Amsterdam Six day for the final two nights of racing. The three will be attending the Six as VIP’s with an insiders look at European Velodromes and the Six-Day scene. Please take a look at the Amseterdam Six Day site.

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Sally Annis takes 1st & 2nd at Providence Weekend

Local Elite Women's rider, Sally Annis, had a fantastic weekend at the Providence Cyclocross Festival last week, take 1st place on Day 1, and 2nd place on Day 2. Sally has been a weekly participant at the Wednesday Night Training Series at the Northeast Velodrome since mid-September. When asked about the course, Sally commented, "Alot of work has been done to improve the Northeast Velodrome Corss Course. It provides a great mid-week training session. My technical skills and fitness improve every time I ride the course."

With the 2010 Northeast Velocross Race approaching on Saturday, November 20, you can't help but think that Sally is definitely planning to have home field advantage over her competition for that race. As a potential tuneup for Nationals later in the season, odds are that Sally will be on form come Velocross, especially considering she'll know the course by heart--both backwards and forwards.

Join Sally for the last 3 weeks of Wednesday Night Training at the Velocross course. The Cycling Park opens at 4pm on Wednesdays through the end of October. Congrats Sally, and good luck for the rest of the season.

Saturday, October 9, 2010

Velocross 2010: November 20, 2010

Velocross 2010 will take place on Saturday, November 20, 2010 at the Northeast Velodrome & Cycling Park. Promoted in conjunction with the Northeast Bicycle Club, Velocross will be held on a course that includes the banked velodrome, its infield, a wooded section including a bridge crossing and run up, as well as portions of gravel road and the Northeast BMX track. The course has been considerably revised over past years by reversing previous course direction, constructing a new bridge, widening the wooded section, as well as smoothing and grading of the infield sections. The course diagram drawn by Velodrome Director, Kurt Begemann.
This mile-long course will run quite fast, and who knows, given the weather. The cycling park is a great venue for easy and quick access of the all the racing for spectators. Additionally, racers can have a great weekend of local 'cross racing with Shed Park on Sunday in nearby Lowell, MA. Please check for all racing categories and event details. We look forward to seeing you in November. And don't forget that Wednesday night training is running through the end of October. Get a home field advantage by training on the same course that will be used fo racing in November; it's a great opportunity!

Final Results for Season Post

Final results have been posted for the following 2010 Velodrome events:

*Super Sunday Racing Series
*Weekly Omnium Series
*Weekly Pursuit Series
*Masters State Championships
*Junior State Championships
*Elite State Championships

Friday, October 1, 2010

Super Sunday Results Posted

All results from this season's Super Sunday Race series have been posted:

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Cyclocross Practice Wednesday Sept 8 5:00pm

This Wednesday, the 8th of September, marks the first open practice session on the Northeast Velodrome and Cycling Park's cyclocross course. There have been a few changes made to the course, so come and try it out. $5.00 training fee and a signed waiver gets you in. Next Wednesday the 15th begins our training/race series. Look forward to seeing you out there!

Open Practice begins at 5:00pm September 8, 2010

Next week's Training Series begins at 5:30pm September 15, 2010.

--Please call Kurt Begemann, Director, 781-462-5633, for more information.

Monday, August 23, 2010

Masters and Juniors, 2010 New England State Track Cycling Championships

Masters and Juniors, 2010 New England State Track Cycling Championships

Saturday August the 14th saw the first part of the second annual New England State Track Cycling Championships, held at the Northeast Velodrome in Londonderry New Hampshire. With clear skies and 70-degree weather, the event kicked off with the Junior riders in the morning.

A total of 14 Juniors (up from 4 in 2009), turned out to compete for State Titles, which are scored on an Omnium format. Tom McDonagh of Winchester, MA being the youngest at 9 years of age, took the youth category and set a new 500m Track Record of 1 minute 04.03 seconds. Kevin Goguen (Team CF) from Hopedale, MA took the hotly contested Junior 10 – 12 category, while his brother, Peter Goguen also from Team CF, took the 13 – 14 year category.

In the 15 – 16 year boys, Alex Lehmann from Concord, New Hampshire won the New England Title and also set a new track record for the 500m, with 39.41 seconds. Becky Keller from Littleton, MA, took the Junior Women’s title for 15 – 16 year age group.

The afternoon schedule saw a long program of Masters racing underway with a total of 20 riders (up from 11 in 2009). Mike Pavlov from CCB/Wheelworks showed his dominance in the 50 plus men’s category, where he won all six events and set a new Track record for the 2km Pursuit with a time of 2min 33.43. In the women’s 50 plus category, the race of the day, occurred during the 2km Individual Pursuit between Elaine Braun-Keller of Littleton, MA and Multiple Masters National Champion, Julie Lockhart of NEBC. Lockhart rode a strong race from start to finish to win in a time of 3 min 26.11, versus Braun-Keller’s time of 3min 26.99.

The Women’s 40 plus category saw Kim Edwards (CVC/Subaru), set track records in the 500m with 40.46 seconds and the 2km pursuit with 2 min 57.35 seconds. She also won the Match Sprint contest in the final against NEBC’s, Katherine Snell. Snell who recently returned to the Track after a broken collarbone incident last year did well to win titles in the Points Race and the B.A.R. (Best All Round) award.

The men’s 40 plus contest was dominated by none other than the Velodrome’s CEO, Jeff Palter of Cycle Loft Velo. Palter scored victories in the Match Sprint competition where he beat Sunapee, New Hampshire’s Chris Naimie, and again in the 1 km Time Trial where he beat IBC’s, Steven Gauthier. His surprise ride of the day came in the 3km Individual Pursuit where a come from behind ride, bested teammate, Tom Norton by 4 seconds to win in a time of 4min 03.88. Palter also won the B.A.R award.

Norton would score his New England title with a win in the 4km scratch race, and Steven Gauthier would show his experience by winning the long 16km Points race.

Velodrome director, Kurt Begemann was extremely happy with the event, specifying, growth in numbers, better competition and all-round good sportsmanlike conduct, as highlights to the day. “With Elites coming up the following weekend, if the weather is as kind to us as it was this past weekend, we will be on our way to a great event with record numbers,” said Begemann.

8 - 9 Youth Boys #222, Tom Macdonagh Unattached
10 - 12 Junior Boys #207, Kevin Goguen Team CF
13 - 14 Junior Boys #203, Peter Goguen Team CF
15 - 16 Junior Boys #209, Alex Lehman Unattached
15 - 16 Junior Girls #205, Becky Keller Unattached

40 - 49 WOMEN
#71 Kim Edwards CVC/Subaru 500m, 2km, Match Sprints
#175 Katherine Snell NEBC Points Race, B.A.R.
#75 Julie Lockhart NEBC 2km Pursuit.
#172 Elaine Braun Keller Unattached 500m, Points, Match, B.A.R.
40 - 49 MEN
#7 Jeff Palter Cycle Loft Velo 1km, 3km, Sprints, B.A.R.
#10 Thom Norton Cycle Loft Velo Scratch Race.
#113 Steven Gauthier IBC Points Race.
50+ MEN
#9 Mike Pavlov CCB/Wheelworks All Six Titles.

Try the Track Clinic September 17 & 18, 2010

A third clinic has been added to the Velo's fall schedule.

Monday, August 16, 2010

The Future of New England Track Cycling

The Future of New England Track Cycling - Tom, Liam, Parker and Ethan.

2010 New England Junior Track Championships

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

NBL/ABA License Share Program 2010

In an effort to attract more riders to the Northeast BMX Track, the NBL has offered a 3 month FREE license share program to existing riders that hold an ABA license. This is an incredible offer and a great way to bring more riders to more different track.

What exactly does that mean? If you are a licensed ABA rider, just come to the Northeast BMX Track for a NBL event (race or gate practice), fill out an NBL license application, and you'll be given an NBL license for FREE for the rest of the 2010 racing season, which is essentially through the end of October 2010.

Monday, August 2, 2010

Wed Night Racing Cancelled

This Wednesday's Omnium Events are cancelled. The track is, however, open for training at 4pm.

All categories are encouraged to race Tuesday Night's Omnium.

Saturday, July 24, 2010

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Thursday, July 22, 2010

New England State Track Championships & Elite Qualifiers 8/21-8/22

21st and 22nd AUGUST 2010

Category 4 and 5 men: Timed Events Only.
Category 4 women: Timed Events Only.
Category 1 – 3 men and women: All events including Mass Start Events.

Elite Men. - $50.00 entry fee.
Elite Women - $50.00 entry fee.
(Flat entry fee whether you do one or all events.)

SCHEDULE OF EVENTS FOR SATURDAY 21st AUGUST: Beginning at 9:10 a.m. (Riders meeting at 9 a.m. sharp.)
* Events restricted to mass start bicycles. (No Aero Bars.)
200-meter time trial used to seed riders for Match Sprint competition and Keirin.

1) Men: 200 meter Individual Time Trial*
2) Women: 200 meter Individual Time Trial*
3) Men: 12 kilometer Scratch Race.
4) Women: 8 kilometer Scratch Race.

Short Break in program.

5) Men: Keirin
6) Women: Keirin
7) Men: 24 kilometer Points Race.
8) Women: 18-kilometer Points Race.

Short Break in program.

9) Men: Match Sprints.
10) Women: Match Sprints.
Presentation of Today’s Awards.

SCHEDULE OF EVENTS FOR SUNDAY 22nd AUGUST: Beginning at 9:10 a.m. (Riders meeting at 9 a.m. sharp.)
At least three teams need to compete in order to award a State Championship.

1) Women: 500 meter Individual Time Trial.
2) Men: 1 Kilometer Individual Time Trial.
3) Women: Team Sprint.
4) Men: Team Sprint.

Short Break in program.

6) Women: 3000 meter Individual Pursuit.
7) Men: 4000 meter Individual Pursuit.
8) Women: 3000 meter Team Pursuit.
9) Men: 4000 meter Team Pursuit.
Presentation of Today’s Awards.

• At least three riders need to be present to conduct mass start events.
• Bike Rentals $20.00 for the entire event.
• Bike rentals on a first come first served basis.
• Bike rentals must be reserved in advanced by emailing:
• Flat entry fee, whether you do one or all events.
• Entry on (Day of registration extra $10.00.)
• Pre Reg ends Friday 20th August 2010 at 12 a.m.
• Mass start events open to Cat 3 riders and higher.
• Medals awarded to the top 3 places in events.
• BAR (Best All Rounder) award for rider finishing highest on Omnium Standing for both male and female categories.
• Winners of Individual Events will be deemed New England State Track Champions (2010), of that event.
• Track Bikes only, no brakes, no quick releases.
• Rain Date: 28 and 29, August 2010.

This is an official USA Cycling Permitted Event.

CONTACT: Kurt Begemann 781 – 462 – 5633 (Phone) (email) (website)

“Be part of the Second Annual New England State Track Cycling Championships. Your last stop before Nationals!!!”

Northeast Velo now on Twitter

Follow the up to the minute news from the Track on Twitter: @northeastvelo.

Youth: 8 – 9 Year Olds. (Unofficial Championship.) - $20.00 entry fee.
Junior: 10 – 12 Boys & Girls. - $30.00 entry fee.
Junior: 13 – 14 Boys & Girls. - $30.00 entry fee.
Juniors: 15 – 16 Boys & Girls. - $30.00 entry fee.
Juniors: 17 – 18 Boys & Girls. - $45.00 entry fee.
Masters: 40+ Men & Women. - $45.00 entry fee.
Masters: 50+ Men & Women. - $45.00 entry fee.

SCHEDULE OF JUNIOR EVENTS: Beginning at 9:10 a.m. (Riders meeting at 9 a.m. sharp.)
* Events restricted to mass start bicycles.(No Aero Bars.)
All junior and youth championships are decided on an omnium format except the 17 – 18 year age group.

1)Youth: 8 – 9 Year Olds: 500 meter Individual Time Trial*
2)Junior: 10 – 12 Boys and Girls: 500 meter Individual Time Trial*
3)Junior: 13 – 14 Boys and Girls: 500 meter Individual Time Trial*
4)Junior: 15 – 16 Boys and Girls: 500 meter Individual Time Trial
5)Junior: 17 – 18 Women: 500 meter Individual Time Trial.
6)Junior: 17 – 18 Men: 1 kilometer Individual Time trial.
Short Break in program.
7)Youth: 8 – 9 Year Olds: 1 kilometer Scratch Race.
8)Junior: 10 – 12 Boys and Girls: 1 kilometer Scratch Race.
9)Junior: 13 – 14 Boys and Girls: 4-kilometer Scratch Race.
10)Junior: 15 – 16 Boys and Girls: 6-kilometer Scratch Race.
11)Junior: 17 – 18 Women: 2 kilometer Individual Pursuit.
12)Junior: 17 – 18 Men: 3 kilometer Individual Pursuit.
Short Break in program.
13)Junior: 17 – 18 Boys and Girls: 7-kilometer Scratch Race.
14)Junior: 10 – 12 Boys and Girls: 2-kilometer Scratch Race.
15)Junior: 13 – 14 Boys and Girls: 8-kilometer Points Race.
16)Junior: 15 – 16 Boys and Girls: 10-kilometer Points Race.
17)Junior: 17 – 18 Boys and Girls: 15-kilometer Points Race.
Presentation of Junior/Youth Awards

SCHEDULE OF MASTERS EVENTS: Beginning at 1:10 p.m. (Riders meeting at 1 p.m. sharp.)
* Event restricted to Mass Start Bicycles. (No Aero Bars)
Flying 200meter time trial will be used to seed riders in match sprint competition.

1)Masters: 40+ Men & Women: Flying 200 meter Time Trial.*
2)Masters: 50+ Men & Women: Flying 200 meter Time Trial.*
3)Masters: 40 & 50+ Women: 500 meter Individual Time Trial.
4)Masters: 50+ Men: 500 meter Individual Time Trial.
5)Masters: 40+ Men: 1 kilometer Individual Time trial.
Short Break in program.
6)Masters: 40 & 50+ Women: 2 kilometer Individual Pursuit.
7)Masters: 50+ Men: 2 kilometer Individual Pursuit.
8)Masters: 40+ Men: 3 kilometer Individual Pursuit.
9)Masters: 40 & 50+ Women: 10-kilometer Points Race.
10)Masters: 50+ Men: 15-kilometer Points Race.
11)Masters: 40+ Men: 20-kilometer Points Race.
Short Break in program.
11)Masters: 40+ Women: Match Sprints.
12)Masters: 50+ Women: Match Sprints.
13)Masters: 40+ Men: Match Sprints.
14)Masters: 50+ Men: Match Sprints.
Presentation of all Masters Awards

• Promoter reserves the right to combine fields due to low participation numbers.
• At least three riders need to be present to conduct mass start events.
• Bike Rentals $20.00 for the entire event.
• Bike rentals on a first come first served basis.
• Bike rentals must be reserved in advanced by emailing:• Junior Riders meeting at 9 a.m. sharp.
• Masters Riders meeting at 1 p.m. sharp.
• Flat entry fee, whether you do one or all events.
• Entry on (Day of registration extra $10.00.)
• Pre Reg ends Friday 13th August 2010 at 12 a.m.
• Masters mass start events open to Cat 4 riders and higher.
• Medals awarded to the top 3 places in events.
• Winners of Junior and Youth Omniums will be deemed New England State Track Champions for 2010.
• Winners of Individual Masters events will be deemed New England State Track Champions (2010), of that event.
• Track Bikes only, no brakes, no quick releases.
• Rain Date: Sunday 15th August 2010.

This is an official USA Cycling Permitted Event.

CONTACT: Kurt Begemann 781 – 462 – 5633 (Phone) (email) (website)

“Be part of the Second Annual New England State Track Cycling Championships. Your last stop before Nationals!!!”

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Wednesday Night Track Racing Cancelled

Due to the severe weather forecast Wednesday Night Track Racing has been cancelled.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

NE Junior Cyclists return from National Track Championships

New England Junior Cyclists return from The USA Cycling National Track Championships in Pennsylvania

Half way through the summer cycling season, four junior New England Track Cyclists made their debut appearance at the hotly contested, US Junior National Track Championships in Trexlertown, Pennsylvania.

Native Massachusetts’ riders Tom and Peter Goguen, along with New Hampshire residents, Ben Lambert and Alex Lehman were the four riders who decided to make the six-hour drive to pit their skills against the nation’s best. The juniors regularly train and race at the Northeast Velodrome and Cycling Park in Londonderry, New Hampshire were undecided about going until Track Director Kurt Begemann, strongly encouraged them to.

“Until we get a Velodrome built in New England, Nationals will never be as close as it is in Trexlertown,” said Begemann. “For that reason and the simple reason of gaining experience at the top level of the sport, are reasons alone, people should consider attending.”

With Junior programs in their infancy at the Northeast Velodrome, some people thought it premature to send riders so new to the discipline of track, to a national Championship. Not so, says Begemann.

Both Tom and Peter Goguen are sponsored riders who race for Team CF, a cycling team focused on bringing awareness to, and finding a cure for, the disease of Cystic Fibrosis. Both these youngsters have competed at high levels in the cycling disciplines of cyclocross and road racing. Alex Lehman and Ben Lambert are top-level ski racers who also participate in the New England Road Cycling League, where private and public secondary school cycling teams located throughout Northern New England, compete against each other for individual and team awards.

“All four of these athletes are no strangers to competing at high level competition. They compete in the other disciplines of cycling such as road and cyclocross, which due to their bigger fields, have a larger depth of field, so they know where they stand in those disciplines compared to other riders.”
“Our track program is small, so the only point of reference these guys will have, as to how good they are, is if they go to “the show” and see where they stand,” said Begemann. And they did not disappoint.

Peter Goguen competed in the 13 – 14 age category and finished 12th out of 32 competitors in the 500 meter Time Trial. He also competed in the scratch race where he broke away from the field, only to be caught and passed by the pack within the last two laps of the race. A truly gutsy performance.

The three remaining riders competed in the 15 – 16 age category where both Alex and Ben finished 22nd and 30th respectively out of 37 riders in their 500 meter Time Trials, and Tom Goguen finished 28th out of 40 riders in the match sprint competition.

“Considering that these guys were racing against the best riders in the country who train and race at Velodromes with large, established programs, these guys did just fine,” said Begemann. “It shows a lot of promise for the future. Now we’ve just gotta focus on getting more riders into our program.”

As we enter the second half of the Track Cycling Season, these riders along with half a dozen other juniors will put the final preparation down as they prepare for the New England State Junior Track Cycling Championships on August 14th at the Northeast Velodrome and Cycling Park. This is only the 2nd year Junior States is being held, and if all the junior riders attend who have been frequenting the track so far this season, then the junior program alone will have experienced a 200% growth spurt. Not bad for a program in it’s first year.

Spectator admission is free and racing begins at 9 a.m. on the 14th of August. Check for more details.

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Saturday Training Is a Go!

The rain is holding off this morning. The Workout WILL BE held this morning. Check back for the notice about Super Sunday Racing.

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Wednesday July 7, 2010 BMX Practice Canceled

BMX practice has been canceled for tonight, Wednesday, July 7, 2010.

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Tuesday BMX Practice Cancelled July 6, 2010

Tonight's BMX practice has been cancelled.

Friday, June 25, 2010

Weekend Update:

After a record 4th week in a row of rained out Junior Nights, we held 2 nights of Pursuit Racing this past week. Results are now posted from the past 2 weeks.

This weekend looks promising weather-wise. Saturday will hold our 4th NBL Race on the Northeast BMX Track, as well as the continuation of the Try the Track Clinic, previously shortened. The Velo will be open from 12-3pm Saturday for open training for those interested.

And Sunday will mark the 1st of 10 Super Sunday Race Days. Starting at 9am, there will be racing all morning for Categories, 5, 4, Open Women [subject to riders], and 1/2/3. We will hold 3 races per category, with the top riders from each group going through to the Featured Event.

$15 gets you into the game, for a morning of fast racing, all without worrying about cars! Come on out, you'll leave breathless.

Thursday, June 17, 2010

All NE Velodrome Events Canceled for Thursday June 17th

Due to rain all events and programs are canceled for tonight June 17th.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Wednesday Night Racing Cancelled Due to Rain

Wednesday Night Racing Cancelled Due to Rain.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Cycle Loft Pro Rider at Fixed Gear Classic

Kacey Manderfield, Pro Track Rider for the Cycle Loft Track Team, took second in the overall standings at this past weekend's Fixed Gear Classic, held in Blaine MN, on the National Sports Center's beautiful outdoor velodrome. On this site you'll find several video clips from this past weekends racing--take a look. Kacey will fly next to Bend, OR to partake in the National Women's Criterium and Road Championships. Fixed Gear Fever also had a recent post about the FGC.

Track Director at USA Talent ID Camp

Kurt Begemann, Director of the Northeast Velodrome, has been called upon by the US Cycling Federation to coach the Altantic Regional Under 23 Talent ID Camp in the Lehigh Valley, PA. This camp is conducted yearly to identify the country's most talented young riders.

Saturday, June 12, 2010

BMX track gets race in before Rain

The BMX track had another successful NBL sanctioned race today beating the rain in the process.
Several new riders made the trip up to try the track for the first time and were very positive about the track and riders. The competition was particularly fierce in the younger age groups as riders battled it out, swapping leads several times during the main.
NBL Gate practice is planned for this Tuesday, with a NO-gate practice slated for Wednesday. Check back in case of rain.

See you this coming weekend, the 19th, for another morning of racing. Come on out and get your race on!

NE Velo Grand Prix Canceled

Saturday's Grand Prix race at the Northeast Velodrome & Cycling Park has been canceled due to rain.

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

New Lines Painted -- Track is 333m

A couple more pictures of the Track with the new lines completed: faster & safer!

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Grand Prix this Saturday, June 12, 2010










-1/2/3: MEN

-4/5: MEN



-4/5 Men: 5km Scratch; Open Women: 5km Scratch; 1/2/3 Men: 6km Scratch.

-4/5 Men: Tempo; Open Women: Unknown Distance; 1/2/3 Men: Kierin.

-4/5 Men: Miss ‘N Out; Open Women: Miss ‘N Out; 1/2/3 Men: Miss ‘N Out.

-4/5 Men: Points; Open Women: Points; 1/2/3 Men: Points.



Track Closed for "Try the Track" Clinic, Saturday June 12, 2010

This coming Saturday, June 12, 2010, there will no Morning Training Session on the Velodrome, due to the second "Try the Track" Clinic.

There will be however, our first Saturday GP beginning later that afternoon, and although there is no specific Junior Age Categories, Junior riders age 13 and older are encouraged to race their respective Racing License Category.

Riders needing rental bikes need to reserve them on a first come first served basis.

Kacey Manderfield on Fixed Gear Fever

Pro Track Rider, Kacey Manderfield, is featured in a recent article on Fixed Gear Fever. Check it out!

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Pics from Saturday at the Northeast Velodrome & Cycling Park

Please take a look at Keith Tharp's amazing photos of Opening Day at the Northeast BMX Track in Londonderry, NH, and Saturday's Velodrome Workout. Pictures of Northeast Velodrome can be seen on the Champion Photo website.

Saturday, June 5, 2010

Weekly BMX Practice Schedule

Weekly Practice Schedule: June 8 & 9, 2010
  • Tuesday: NBL Gate Practice, 6pm-Dark
  • $5.00 registration, waiver & guardian required under 18
  • NBL license & approprite equipment required
  • Wednesday: Non-Gate Practice, 6pm-Dark
  • $5.00 registration, waiver & guardian required under 18
  • Appropriate equipment required

Please email for more information.

Velodrome & BMX Track Open Saturday

As of 7.35am, we are a go for Saturday Track Workout and BMX racing. The Velodrome is drying out and the BMX track has taken on some much needed water. See you there!

Friday, June 4, 2010

Velodrome Line Painting Project

We're in the midst of having the Velodrome surface repainted. By doing so, the track will now be a 333 meter racing oval, instead of the former, 318m. This will help accomplish several things: #1 we will have an inner apron, the "blue band," that is commonly seen at Velodromes--this provides a safety zone while racing, on the inner most edge of the track surface; #2 the track's distance (now 3 laps to the kilometer)will make racing Pursuits easier because two riders can now start on opposite sides of the track simultaneously for a true Pursuit--this will enable Pursuit racing events to progress more quickly; #3 with the wider radius and more steeply banked racing surface, riders will be able to maintain and control their bikes at higher speeds going into the turns, especially towards the finish lines in Turn 4. Work should be complete by the end of today, Friday, just in time for Saturday Workout, and this coming weeks' continuing Pursuit Series. Here's a picture of the project in process.

Thursday, June 3, 2010

NBL Opening Race Day at Northeast BMX Track

This Saturday is the season's first NBL race at the Northeast BMX Track. NBL license and appropriate safety equipment required.

Race Day Schedule

* Registration 8:30AM - 10AM
* Practice - 9AM-10:15AM
* Racing starts at 10:30AM

* Race Fee: Points Only - $10 / Trophy - $15
* Race Day Gate Practice: $5

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Track Closed Due to Rain Tuesday June 1, 2010

Pouring rain right now in NH, no racing; the weather does look promising for the rest of the week, and remember, Saturday June 5, 2010 is our first NBL race of the season at the Northeast BMX Track.

Sunday, May 23, 2010

2nd open practice draws enthusiastic crowd

The Northeast BMX track held its 2nd open practice Saturday.
Riders took advantage of the work that has been done, and were able sample the changes made. At the track and wielding rakes and shovels were former pro riders Jim Paiva and Bob Jenney, as well as track designer Rick Bell, and Cartel Team member Chris DeAmelio. Riders liked the new clay surface and design. Work continues in preparation for our planed June 5th opening race.
Join us next Saturday, May 29th from 9-1 for our next open practice.

Helmets required, full face helmet recommended. This event will be weather dependent, please check back Friday night for notice of rain closure. Please email for more info.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Track Closed Wed May 19 Due to Rain

Omnium Racing for tonight, Wednesday May 19, 2010, has been cancelled due to rain.

Opening Day at Northeast BMX Track May 15, 2010

The Northeast BMX Track's season opening roll session, despite the extremely windy conditions, was a great success, with riders rolling laps for hours and hours; riders made the trek to Londonderry from various parts of both NH & MA. Local rider, Jim Paiva, also held an impromtu photo session with riders catching some serious air. Weather willing, we'll be having another practice session this coming Saturday, May 22, 2010. You can see more of Jim's pictures here.

Omnium Race Report May 18, 2010

Well, for the second Omnium Week in a row, it looked as though the rain would cancel racing, but it held off until the last bell was rung. A great night of racing in the Category 4/5 field, with 2 new comers, Oliver Hiller (CL Noonan) and Morgan Hiller (Team CF) coming out to give the Track a go.

The Hiller brothers (both seasoned road riders) took to the oval quickly and rode tactfully and aggressively, with both placing in every event, and ultimately finishing high on the evenings Omnium standings. Also putting in a good show was Team CF rider, Peter Gogen who broke away during the twenty lap points race and impressively lapped the entire field except for the Hiller brothers and NEBC's Greg Sheets.

Commendation must go out to several junior riders who chose to race their categories on Tuesday Night as apposed to their age group on Thursday. This includes 10 year old Kevin Goguen(Team CF), 13 year old Peter Goguen(Team CF) and 15 year old Ben Lambert (Unattached) who did well to stay upright in a clash of handlebars by Comprehensive Training's, Andrew Van Kuren.

It was also good to see the return of seasoned trackies, Stephen Pelletier, Charles Wason and Mark Bowen all of whom didn't lay down arms when the young Hiller brothers started firing attacks. Even recent "Try The Track Clinic" graduate Brett Anderson responded well to the constant attacks and finished third in the consolation "Wheel Race," which capped off a great night of racing.

It must be said that 13 year old Peter Goguen is riding incredibly well, and should he choose to take part at the Junior National Track Championships in Trexlertown, PA next month, stands a very good chance of a podium finish there.

Please see the Northeast Velodrome & Cycling Park site for more results.

Junior Night Race Results May 13, 2010

Liam Castrios sets a time of 1.07.55 during his 500 meter time trial on May 13, 2010.

See more race results.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Team Sprint & Team Pursuit Events

For those thinking about the upcoming New England Regional Championships in August, it's never too early to start thinking about assembling your team for the Team Sprint and Team Pursuit Events. These are exciting events that combine speed, precision, and teamwork.

On that note, Mike Bergstrom, a Masters 50+ rider is looking for teammates for these events. If you're interested in riding with Mike--I have on 2 occasions last summer in Trexlertown (both Silver Medal rides mind you)--please contact Mike via email:

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Northeast BMX Track Open this Saturday May 15th.

Come roll the Northeast BMX Track this Saturday, from 9am-1pm. See all the amazing work that was done to the track this week.

Helmets required. Full face helmets recommended.

This roll session event will be weather dependent, please check back Friday night for notice of rain closure. Please email for more info.

Friday, May 7, 2010

BMX Track & Velodrome Closed Saturday Due to Rain

Due to rain, both the BMX Track and Velodrome will be closed tomorrow. Please check back for more info about the upcoming week's schedule.

Thursday, May 6, 2010

BMX Track Open Saturday 9am-1pm

After a couple of beautiful sunfilled days rebuilding the track, we're ready for some riders. AJ Bontorno did some fantastic work on Tuesday and Wednesday laying nearly 100 yards of fresh material on the track. All three turns were reshaped, turn #2 was enhanced by a lengthened transition that should bring some more speed in that section, and new dirt was sread over the entire track.

Weater permitting, please join us for an "open house" this Saturday from 9am-1pm. Full face helmets required. We're still working on the proper start gate equipment, so this will be just a roll off start, given riders a chance to see what is essentially a new track surface.

A great big thank you to Randall Sanderson from TQuip, that helped us with the heavy equipment for the project, AJ Bontorno for his materful skills, Wally Litchfield for his work, Mike Kimball for the laser help, Andrew Russell for lending a hand, and the combined hard work of Anthony Laskaris, Kyle Bouley, and Alex Meier--it was a couple of hot days. Also good to see Rick Bell, Jim Paiva, Keith & Michael Tharp, thanks for stopping by to see the progress, and I shouldn't forget the support provided by the NBL, Donna Smith and Marie Russell.

Let's hope we get the good side of the 50% rain forecast for Saturday. Any questions, please email Jeff at

After being rained out Tuesday night, the first night of the season's racing went off well under a beautiful night. Results have been posted here.

Friday, April 30, 2010

What a Difference a Day Makes

This past Wednesday, despite the intermittent rain and cold, windy conditions and otherwise Belgin spring weather, much was accomplished at the track. #1 the infield was graded to faciliate better drainage with the help of Larry and his bulldozer, now we need to spread some grass seed and we'll be in great shape; and #2 the tenth section of trackside board was completed, getting us to 80" so far.

Remember you can become a contributor to the ongoing project of erecting the trackside boards, just email for details.

The forecast for tomorrow's "Try the Track" Clinic looks promising, as does the weather looking into next week for the season's opening week of our Weekly Omnium Series.

Wednesday, April 28, 2010 Features "Try the Track" Clinic

Today's listing features the Northeast Velodrome and the "Try the Track" Clinic. Thrilllist is a pretty cool site that lists all sorts of activities in the Boston area, and always does so with a "different" angle on the event. Check out this listing and Thrillist here.

Clinic Sold Out!

Thanks for everyone's interest in the Velo's 1st "Try the Track" Clinic--with several days to go, the 30th rider has enrolled in this intensive course. We'll plan to have another clinic shortly, please email to express your interest in future clinics.

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Weekly Wrap-UP

Week of April 24, 2010 comes to and end--and a good one at that. 4 days, including today, Saturday, of pretty spectacular whether in Londonderry at the Northeast Velodrome & Cycling Park--still a big windy on the back straight, but windy and 65-70 degrees is far better than last week's conditions. We've got about 40 feet of new boards erected, more to follow this week. The track's been patched in spot, is smooth and ready to roll for this week's Open Training and the "Try the Track" Clinic next Saturday. The week's weather outlook is not so great for Tuesday, but great for Wednesday, Thursday, and Saturday.

This week we continued with our clean up efforts; here you can see just a fraction of the debris that was collected and carted away during the week. One thing that we did happen to find that we thought was kind of cool, was one of the old [original?] signs for the track when it was a go-kart speedway.

We'll be coming out with the Northeast BMX Track's practice and racing schedule shortly, as well as our plans for track improvements, and call for volunteers. Marie Russell, the NH State Commissioner for the NBL and Mike Kimball, of the soon to be opened Seabrook NBL track, have been incredibly supportive and helpful. Please check back soon on the blog and on our main site for more info.

Rest assured, BMX racing is alive and well in NH!

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Buy a Board Program

Buy a Board Program:

Anthony Laskaris started racing on the Velodrome in Northbrook, IL over 25 years ago, when Track Cycling was immensely popular due to the success of the National Team in the early to mid 1980’s. “It was fantastic back in those days, when we’d get between 200 and 300 spectators banging on the boards for midweek racing!”

And speaking of boards, he promptly came up with a great idea, which will help erect boards around the perimeter of the Track.

For $50.00, you can become a “Board Member” (play on words,) and have your very own 8-foot board erected on the Track. The $50.00 fee is a one-time fee which will cover all material costs, and labor, AND, you will get your very own small signature plaque saying: “This Board donated by_______.”

This program is open to individuals and not corporate sponsors, and is a great way for you to become part of the Velodrome and help us fund the boards around the Track. All the boards will be painted white to give a uniform presentation, and allow us to hang sponsors banners on them.

Anthony has already erected the first 4 boards, and the first 4 Board Members are:

Anthony Laskaris
Jeff Palter
Kurt Begemann
Jeanne Hurtz

Below is a picture of Anthony knocking out the first few boards this spring.

For more information on how to become a part of this very helpful program, please contact:

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Some Beautiful Days This Week

Three simply beautiful days at the Track this week--tonight capped off our first week of open weekday training and it was clear skies, and a gorgeous sunset, albeit a bit chilly by 7.15pm. The temperature was as high as about 60 at 4 o'clock, but it was still bearable by 6pm, although definitely dropping quickly. We rode 50 laps into the wind on the back straight, and we definitely felt it, but still so great to be rolling on the track after a winter indoors. Over the past couple of weeks, we've cleared an enormous amount of trash off of the property, patched the track in several places and even have the 1st 3 boards back up trackside. Ken McCallum was at the track rolling for a solid 90 minutes on his pursuit bike just coming off of a few weeks of training in CA at the ADT center. With the first week behind us, we look forward to the Try the Track Clinic in 2 weeks--there's still space for those interested in an intensive learning experience, and then racing in May. Looks like rain this Saturday, please check in our site for any rain cancellation notices; we've also put a Weather Channel link right on the home page to see current weather in Londonderry. Thanks for reading. Jeff

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Bunch & Pursuit Series Posted

We've just finalized the dates for racing, for both a Bunch and Pursuit series. Check out the website here. And remember, the track open this Saturday for training at 9am.

Thursday, April 1, 2010

BMX Racing UPDATE 4.1.2010

Update 4.1.2010

A quick update, we know a lot of people are wondering what's happening regarding BMX at the Cycling Park for this season. I would personally like to assure you that we are presently finalizing the appropriate paperwork with the NBL for the BMX Track at the Northeast Velodrome & Cycling Park. The folks in Ohio from the NBL have been super supportive over the last several weeks. We will have a full compliment of racing this Spring and Summer under the NBL association, which will be held on Saturday mornings--exact time for registration and racing to be determined. This shift to an earlier time will allows riders to race here in Londonderry, and still have enough time to do more races at the soon to be built NBL track in Seabrook, NH, which is only about 40 minutes away. More details and race calendar to be announced shortly.

As for the track itself, considering the hard winter, and of late, all the rain we've had, the track has held up remarkably well. We've got some work to do regarding drainage, and some maintenance, and this coming weekend should do well to help dry out the racing surface. We'll keep plugging away to constantly improve the facility.

We'll be looking for some volunteers to help us run registration, and working on the track. We've got Mike Kimball, who formerly ran the Track at Rye Airfield, and who is presently working on the Track in Seabrook, lending a hand [thanks Mike!]. We had a great meeting today with Mike, cleared some debris, and have laid our plans to get the track in shape, and ready for some racing! Watch out for more information about racing at both tracks, not to mention the NBL track presently in Wakefield, MA.

Please email, Jeff Palter, at with any questions, and if you're available to get involved with the track and lend a hand it will be greatly appreciated.

Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Track Opens Saturday April 10, 2010 9:00am

Time to ride some ovals and to get the Track Season rolling. The Track will open Saturday, April 10, 2010 at 9am.

*Structured Warmup and FREE Coaching from 9-11am
*Open Track from 11-2pm
*New Lower Training Fee of $5.00

Please email Kurt Begemann, Track Director, with questions or for more information.

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Venue Change for Friday Night of Clinic

The Friday night classroom session for the Try the Track Clinic has been changed to the Burlington Marriot Hotel, conveniently located just off of Route 128/95.

Thursday, March 18, 2010

BikeReg Link for Try the Track Clinic

Please go to to sign up for this Track clinic:

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Try the Track Clinic: An Introduction to Track Cycling

Northeast Velodrome & Cycling Park Presents: Try the Track: An Introduction to Track Cycling

The Northeast Velodrome & Cycling Park will be offering its first annual “Try the Track” clinic, permitted through USA Cycling.

This two part clinic will provide a thorough course on Track Cycling, as well as on the bike coaching, all culminating in some basic racing. The goal of the clinic is to provide consistent information and material used at many of the country’s leading tracks to form an entry point for the budding track racer. The clinic is open to anyone, and one day licenses will be available to anyone who is not a licensed USAC (USA Cycling) rider. We have 24 brand new track bikes available for demo if you do not have your own bike, but sizes are limited, so please register to reserve yours now. Bikes will be reserved on a first come first served basis.

The clinic will be divided into two parts. A classroom session on Friday the 30th of April which will cover Track Bikes, Track Protocol and the Track racing surface itself.

The second part of the clinic on Saturday the 1st of May will be an on-the-bike format where you will learn the nuances of the fixed gear bike, the subtleties of the track, riding in a group, and then racing.

The clinic will be coached by USA Cycling Certified Coaches, Kurt Begemann and Jeff Palter, with a guest appearance by National Champion and Pro 6-Day rider, Kacey Manderfield.

All new riders who attend and complete BOTH parts of the clinic will be eligible for their Category 5 to category 4 Track Upgrade, and will be ready to race in USAC sanctioned events.

There are many riders who already have their category 4 licenses, who could still benefit from this clinic as gear choice, pedaling cadence and other helpful riding tips will be covered. For any category 4 or higher rider, this clinic will count as one race day towards their 5 needed for their next upgrade.


Northeast Velodrome & Cycling Park Presents
Try the Track: An Introduction to Track Cycling

WHEN: APRIL 30 & MAY 1, 2010

Friday, April 30, 2010: 6-8pm, Burlington Marriot Hotel, One Burlington Mall Road, Burlington, MA 01803

Saturday, May 1, 2010: 9am-3p, Track Session, Northeast Velodrome & Cycling Park, 29 Grenier Field Road, Londonderry, NH 03051

COST: *$75, through

*Event is limited to 30 riders, first come first served.
*If space available, register in person at Cycle Loft, Friday April 30.

*Open to all USA Cycling Categories, and members of the public.
*All Category 5 riders qualify for an upgrade to Category 4 with full participation.
* There are many riders who already have their category 4 licenses, who could still benefit from this clinic as gear choice, pedaling cadence and other helpful riding tips will be covered.
*For any category 4 or higher rider, this clinic will count as one race day towards their 5 needed for their next upgrade.

*Event under USA Cycling: Permit pending
*Instruction provided by USA Cycling Coaches Kurt Begemann and Jeff Palter
*Guest appearance by National Champion and Pro 6-Day Rider, Kacey Manderfield
*Classroom session held rain or shine; rain date for track session Sunday May 2, 2010.
*With successful completion of course, riders are eligible for a 10% savings coupon applicable to track bicycles, and track related parts and accessories at the Cycle Loft.
*Do you need a loaner bike for the clinic?____Road Frame Size?____TT Length?____
*What to Bring: Helmets required. Full cycling attire, gloves, clipless pedals and shoes. Towel. There are limited refreshments on site, please bring enough liquid for 5 hours. Folding chair, dry/warm clothes to change, weather can be unpredictable.

Please email for more information.

A Word about the Northeast Velodrome

In response to last week’s transition at the Londonderry Track in NH, I would like to assure everyone that we are planning to have a full season of training, racing and development programs for all ages and skill levels, including children and juniors. When the opportunity arose to lease the Velodrome property, I embraced the chance to enhance the offerings and build upon what Mr. Eberhardt began some 5 years ago. I understand that change can be uncomfortable, because it presents us with the unknown; I also know that with our resources, and the experience of Kurt Begemann as Track Director, we can exact a positive effect on Cycling in New England. There is a lot more than meets the eye here; unfortunately I am not at liberty to discuss many of the details for several reasons. Rest assured that we understand peoples’ concerns, and are happy to speak with you more offline. The new Northeast Velodrome website will be up and running in a few short days. There you will see information about our upcoming Track Clinic, the training and racing schedules for the year, and other pertinent information about the Track. We hope to see you soon—it’s going to be a great season. Please feel free to email me anytime. Thank you, Jeff Palter