Thursday, October 21, 2010

Amsterdam 6 Day: Kacey Manderfield -- Night Three

The third night of racing has so far, been the most exciting night, of the 2010 Amsterdam Six Day.

In the Sprint Tournament, Andy Lakatosh came through for the U.S. with a win against World Champion Tuen Mulder. Lakatoshs’ win comes as the second victory for a U.S. rider behind Gideon Massie's win in the Keirin from night two.

Dutch rider Hugo Haak made a tremendous save when his tubular tire burst shortly after the finish line in the sprint semi final. Haak had to control the bike as the back wheel went side ways and he began fish tailing down the 45 degree banking at 40 miles per hour. Pim Ligthart also had a flat tire in the last derny race of the night and narrowly avoided being hit by two “motors” as he snaked his way down the banking and onto the apron.

In the women’s event, Northeast Velodrome rider Kacey Manderfield placed well in the Points race with a 6th place out of the 14 riders, but failed to place high enough in the Scratch or Elimination to score any more points on the night. This dropped her back to 8th over-all on general classification with Vera Koedooder still leading.

The Dutch pairing of Pim Ligthart and Jens Mouris (4th in the Vuelta Prologue) are leading the men’s tournament after 3 nights down and three remaining.