Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Amsterdam 6 Day: Kacey Manderfield -- Night Two

The second night of the 2010 Amsterdam Six Day is over, and there has been a few small shuffles on the leader board. Dutch rider Vera Koedooder is still in the lead, with fellow countrywomen Roxane Knetemann and Kelly Markus in 2nd and 3rd. The Irish rider Jennifer O’reilly drops to 4th.

There were no crashes tonight at all, and the UIV U23 men, and the women spaced themselves further apart after last night's mêlée. This made for difficult racing, as it is always difficult to come from behind on the small European Tracks. Both American riders Mandy Marquardt and Kacey Manderfiled were caught behind in the points race on almost every sprint and finished out of the points.

Manderfield had a better race in the 2nd event of the night when she finished 6th on the 25 lap Points race. This moved her up one spot to 7th overall at the end of the evening. The Elimination race (Miss & Out) was quick from the gun with both Americans being eliminated first and second, but luckily had no impact on the overall classification.

“With three laps to go before the race began, the girls were already close to race speed,” said Manderfield's coach Kurt Begemann. “If you don’t start a Miss & Out near the front, you will be eliminated in the first few riders. It’s always fast in the beginning of the race. It’s the way the peleton gets rid of the non-contenders. Kacey will need to refocus on starting near the front, if she wants to finish near the front," said Begemann.