Thursday, October 14, 2010

Sally Annis takes 1st & 2nd at Providence Weekend

Local Elite Women's rider, Sally Annis, had a fantastic weekend at the Providence Cyclocross Festival last week, take 1st place on Day 1, and 2nd place on Day 2. Sally has been a weekly participant at the Wednesday Night Training Series at the Northeast Velodrome since mid-September. When asked about the course, Sally commented, "Alot of work has been done to improve the Northeast Velodrome Corss Course. It provides a great mid-week training session. My technical skills and fitness improve every time I ride the course."

With the 2010 Northeast Velocross Race approaching on Saturday, November 20, you can't help but think that Sally is definitely planning to have home field advantage over her competition for that race. As a potential tuneup for Nationals later in the season, odds are that Sally will be on form come Velocross, especially considering she'll know the course by heart--both backwards and forwards.

Join Sally for the last 3 weeks of Wednesday Night Training at the Velocross course. The Cycling Park opens at 4pm on Wednesdays through the end of October. Congrats Sally, and good luck for the rest of the season.