Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Amsterdam 6 Day: Kacey Manderfield -- Night One

The first night of racing at the 2010 Amsterdam Six Day started with a bang. Literally, as after the first sprint, and on the 14th lap of 50, three riders collided and two went down. One of them being Kacey Manderfield.

Manderfield was doing well, having scored points in the very first sprint of the 50 lap points race with a third place on lap 10. As a change in pace occurred, there was a re-shuffle and riders swung high, without “head-checking,” wheels touched and riders fell.

Missing the next two sprints, as she dusted herself off and straightened her bars, Manderfield immediately got back in and contested the final two sprints finishing 3rd and 4th respectively. The second race of the night, the 20 lap Scratch race saw Kacey attack with 8 to go. The others were fairly quick to respond and with 3 to go she was brought into the fold and finished back of the pack as the riders swarmed her for the finish.

The final race of the women’s Six was the Elimination (Miss & Out) where Manderfiled rode from the back and managed to finish 6th. Battered and bruised, Manderfield returned to the locker room in less than stellar mood. “It’s frustrating to start the Six this way, with a crash on the first night. I’m feeling O.K., but just frustrated that it started this way,” said Kacey.

At the end of the first night Manderfiled lies in 8th place overall with Dutch rider Vera Koedooder leading the event. Racing resumes Tuesday evening at 6 p.m.