Thursday, May 6, 2010

BMX Track Open Saturday 9am-1pm

After a couple of beautiful sunfilled days rebuilding the track, we're ready for some riders. AJ Bontorno did some fantastic work on Tuesday and Wednesday laying nearly 100 yards of fresh material on the track. All three turns were reshaped, turn #2 was enhanced by a lengthened transition that should bring some more speed in that section, and new dirt was sread over the entire track.

Weater permitting, please join us for an "open house" this Saturday from 9am-1pm. Full face helmets required. We're still working on the proper start gate equipment, so this will be just a roll off start, given riders a chance to see what is essentially a new track surface.

A great big thank you to Randall Sanderson from TQuip, that helped us with the heavy equipment for the project, AJ Bontorno for his materful skills, Wally Litchfield for his work, Mike Kimball for the laser help, Andrew Russell for lending a hand, and the combined hard work of Anthony Laskaris, Kyle Bouley, and Alex Meier--it was a couple of hot days. Also good to see Rick Bell, Jim Paiva, Keith & Michael Tharp, thanks for stopping by to see the progress, and I shouldn't forget the support provided by the NBL, Donna Smith and Marie Russell.

Let's hope we get the good side of the 50% rain forecast for Saturday. Any questions, please email Jeff at