Friday, June 4, 2010

Velodrome Line Painting Project

We're in the midst of having the Velodrome surface repainted. By doing so, the track will now be a 333 meter racing oval, instead of the former, 318m. This will help accomplish several things: #1 we will have an inner apron, the "blue band," that is commonly seen at Velodromes--this provides a safety zone while racing, on the inner most edge of the track surface; #2 the track's distance (now 3 laps to the kilometer)will make racing Pursuits easier because two riders can now start on opposite sides of the track simultaneously for a true Pursuit--this will enable Pursuit racing events to progress more quickly; #3 with the wider radius and more steeply banked racing surface, riders will be able to maintain and control their bikes at higher speeds going into the turns, especially towards the finish lines in Turn 4. Work should be complete by the end of today, Friday, just in time for Saturday Workout, and this coming weeks' continuing Pursuit Series. Here's a picture of the project in process.