Saturday, April 24, 2010

Weekly Wrap-UP

Week of April 24, 2010 comes to and end--and a good one at that. 4 days, including today, Saturday, of pretty spectacular whether in Londonderry at the Northeast Velodrome & Cycling Park--still a big windy on the back straight, but windy and 65-70 degrees is far better than last week's conditions. We've got about 40 feet of new boards erected, more to follow this week. The track's been patched in spot, is smooth and ready to roll for this week's Open Training and the "Try the Track" Clinic next Saturday. The week's weather outlook is not so great for Tuesday, but great for Wednesday, Thursday, and Saturday.

This week we continued with our clean up efforts; here you can see just a fraction of the debris that was collected and carted away during the week. One thing that we did happen to find that we thought was kind of cool, was one of the old [original?] signs for the track when it was a go-kart speedway.

We'll be coming out with the Northeast BMX Track's practice and racing schedule shortly, as well as our plans for track improvements, and call for volunteers. Marie Russell, the NH State Commissioner for the NBL and Mike Kimball, of the soon to be opened Seabrook NBL track, have been incredibly supportive and helpful. Please check back soon on the blog and on our main site for more info.

Rest assured, BMX racing is alive and well in NH!