Thursday, April 1, 2010

BMX Racing UPDATE 4.1.2010

Update 4.1.2010

A quick update, we know a lot of people are wondering what's happening regarding BMX at the Cycling Park for this season. I would personally like to assure you that we are presently finalizing the appropriate paperwork with the NBL for the BMX Track at the Northeast Velodrome & Cycling Park. The folks in Ohio from the NBL have been super supportive over the last several weeks. We will have a full compliment of racing this Spring and Summer under the NBL association, which will be held on Saturday mornings--exact time for registration and racing to be determined. This shift to an earlier time will allows riders to race here in Londonderry, and still have enough time to do more races at the soon to be built NBL track in Seabrook, NH, which is only about 40 minutes away. More details and race calendar to be announced shortly.

As for the track itself, considering the hard winter, and of late, all the rain we've had, the track has held up remarkably well. We've got some work to do regarding drainage, and some maintenance, and this coming weekend should do well to help dry out the racing surface. We'll keep plugging away to constantly improve the facility.

We'll be looking for some volunteers to help us run registration, and working on the track. We've got Mike Kimball, who formerly ran the Track at Rye Airfield, and who is presently working on the Track in Seabrook, lending a hand [thanks Mike!]. We had a great meeting today with Mike, cleared some debris, and have laid our plans to get the track in shape, and ready for some racing! Watch out for more information about racing at both tracks, not to mention the NBL track presently in Wakefield, MA.

Please email, Jeff Palter, at with any questions, and if you're available to get involved with the track and lend a hand it will be greatly appreciated.